Keep an eye out on this page for any new and exiting products that Stable Affairs starts stocking.

Gumboots to keep your feet dry this winter!

Lots and lots of funky looking gumboots for you to wear this winter!

Meercat Reading Glasses Holder

A perfect present for our loved ones that are always loosing their glasses.

Firewood Boxes

These heavy duty fire boxes can be made to order. A great looking piece to fit in with your country style home and store your wood!

Vintage Giftware

We have just had a new arrival of photo holders and desk organisers in your favourite vintage style.

Australia’s best value show sets!

These lovely soft and vibrant coloured show sets have just arrived in store. Colours available include Navy & pink,  Navy & Light Blue, Navy & Red, Navy & Orange, Navy & gold (yellow).

Hat/Coat Hangers

These beautiful tall hat/coat hangers have just arrived in store (they come in black or white).

Disney Figurines

The latest Britto disney figurine range is now in stock!!!

Mens Wallets

We have just had an arrival of mens Thomas Cook & RM Williams wallets.

Wall Art

We are always stocking new and exciting wall unto brighten up your home. The Tree of life and Tree with birds have just arrived and will sell quickly. Come instore to check them out.

Cavallino Ultra Grip Breeches

Now in stock. Available in Red or Taupe in a range of sizes.

New Kerrit’s Spring Collection Coming Soon

We have just ordered a selection colours and styles of jods and short and long sleeve tops.

Be sure to head in soon to get the latest styles of the spring collection.

Winning Tongue Plate Bits

Winning Tongue Plate Bits are the only bit to win an Australia International Award.


4.5 – 6 inch